Where are they now? Gordon Raphael

Pic credit: Rockfeedback, Gordon Raphael:

Well Gordon Raphael is still a record producer. Since the success he found with The Strokes in the early 2000s, he went on to produce many international bands.

In January 2010, Raphael went to Cape Town, South Africa, to produce the debut album Shark by indie rock band The Plastics. In May 2013, he went to Lima, Perú, to record a Peruvian new band called Los Outsaiders.

In October 2013, he went to Seattle, Washington, and recorded a 7-song EP with Red Martian. In April 2014, Gordon went to Mexico City and recorded a 6-song EP with the up-and-coming band Sol Flamingo while simultaneously filming a small documentary on “the making” of it with Montreal based filmmaker Patrick Barbeau.

In March 2018 Gordon released his “first proper solo album” ‘Sleep on the radio’ via Zero Hours Records in London. On January 1, 2019, Gordon released his album ‘I Lick The Moog’, which had been recorded in his old NYC Studio Transporterraum during Christmas 2000, four months before the recording of The Strokes Is This It began.

He currently lives in Berlin. More information can be found on his website.

Listen to the interview below.

Gordon Raphael in conversation with Sabuhi Gard

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