The first single I bought was at a market stall in Cambridge at the age of 17. It was Primal Scream’s Loaded on vinyl. Bobbie Gillespie was my hero for most of my school days. When I eventually met him fleetingly years later at a music festival, in a field in Chelmsford, Essex. He just uttered the words “Basement Jaxx.”

The Accidental Journalist

I have been writing since I was teenager. In the sixth-form, I got a couple of my friends together to write a poetry magazine called “The Wasteland”, even though I hadn’t read any TS Eliot at the time. I progressed to writing for national newspapers in my 20s. Not to be pigeon-holed – one day I could be writing about the falling global stock markets, next Jo Strummer or some music festival.

I was born in Watford north-west London, and grew up in Chelsea, Kensington in the late 1980s to early 2000s. I began my career at the Financial Times in the early 2000s before becoming a freelance journalist and writer.

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