Magic Numbers giveaway!

I am giving away a framed poster of the Magic Numbers (circa 2005 or 2006 after their debut album was released titled The Magic Numbers and/or their follow up Those The Brokes).

For a chance to win the posted please answer the following question. The Magic Numbers consist of family members: Romeo Stodart (lead guitar, vocals), Michele (bass guitar, vocals, glockenspiel), Angela Gannon (melodica, percussion, keyboard, vocals) and Sean (drums).

Are Romeo and Michele:

A. Brother and sister?

B. Husband and wife?

C. Cousins?

Please get in touch if you know the answer @sabuhi_gard or P&P paid!

My top 5 songs from the 1960s

If anyone knows me, I like a bit of nostalgia, particularly when it comes to music. In fact, back in 1996, I managed to impress the then editor of Mojo music magazine Mat Snow with my encyclopedic knowledge of every single band (maybe not every) from 1968-72. Not bad for a 22 year old. Below are some of my faves.

  1. Who do you love? Quicksilver Messenger Service
  2. All or Nothing? The Small Faces
  3. Man of the World – Peter Green
  4. Sunshine of Your Love  – Cream
  5. Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith

The ‘fake’ David Baddiel

I launched my kickstarter campaign for the Accidental Journalist on April 2 if anyone didn’t know. A personal milestone for me, as I had been ‘Umming and Ahhing” about this semi-autobiographical novel for over a decade. Spurred on by COVID-19, my mother’s death and in a state of semi-furlough – I pulled the trigger.

Co-incidentally on the same day, I was very excited to find out that I had a new follower on Twitter (to add to my many – NOT!) in the shape of 90s comedian, children’s author, historian David Baddiel. A fan of ‘Newman and Baddiel’ since the 90s. I felt I had reached another milestone – a famous follower on Twitter!

As the day rolled on, I told many friends and family that David Baddiel was following me on Twitter (it was a ‘slow news day’ in my house). When the penny dropped! I started to question why would a 90s legend like David Baddiel follow me? SO I clicked on his account. To find that it was not the REAL David Baddiel (screenshot above). Boo (Radleys!).