Where are they now? DJ Shabs (Outcaste Records)

I managed to interview DJ Shabs Jobanputra, founder of Outcaste Records for the Independent newspaper in the late 1990s (circa 1997, I think). In this rare chat (warning strong language!) he discusses stereotypes, why he is aiming for the mainstream and what he thinks of Nitin Sawhney. Listen to the full interview below. Shabs laterContinue reading “Where are they now? DJ Shabs (Outcaste Records)”

Where are they now? Gordon Raphael

Well Gordon Raphael is still a record producer. Since the success he found with The Strokes in the early 2000s, he went on to produce many international bands. In January 2010, Raphael went to Cape Town, South Africa, to produce the debut album Shark by indie rock band The Plastics. In May 2013, he wentContinue reading “Where are they now? Gordon Raphael”


I went through a phase when I was a music journalist of collecting badges, mostly in the late 90s and early 2000s. Above are a few. Can you name some of the bands? More to come. Meanwhile, a great song with ‘Badge’ in the title!

Happy for some follows from Indie heroes

Thrilled to bits that some of my Indie music heroes are following me on Twitter. Sad I know. But a follow from Cornershop and Mansun’s lead singer Paul Draper – means the world. Also a ‘like’ from Tim Burgess. Ta – very much. Who could forget ‘Take It Easy Chicken’ from Mansun and ‘A BrimfulContinue reading “Happy for some follows from Indie heroes”

My top 5 songs from the early 00s

I strongly believe the early 2000s were the “halycon days” of new music, akin to the mid-1990s. So it has been very difficult for me to choose my faves. But here goes! Seven Nation Army – White Stripes Last Nite – The Strokes Mr Brightside – The Killers Whatever happened to my rock n’ roll?Continue reading “My top 5 songs from the early 00s”